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In-depth Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) domain knowledge – providing consulting, implementation and maintenance services.


In the age of disruptive innovation and technology, accelerating digital processes and applying automations are vital to businesses in the engineering industry. It’s all about cutting down lifecycles and extending the lifespan of products. Hence why Siemens Engineering Solutions offer such an extensive portfolio of operating systems to keep your business on the competitive edge in the market.


Your Ultimate Solution for 3D CAD Translation & Optimization

CADdoctor is the ultimate tool for maximizing and accelerating your 3D data. Its rich 3D geometry handling technology and CAD system’s API, allows you to translate your CAD data with the highest fidelity toward your target system. At the same time, the advanced software automatically detects and repairs PDQ errors, offering a user-friendly interface combined with easy operation to assist novice and experienced designers alike. 

Designed to automatically simplify models to optimize CAE mesh generation, CADdoctor can “shrinkwrap” entire assemblies to smaller solid models to reduce file size, so the models can be utilized effectively downstream without complications. Not forgetting IP Protection which removes internal geometry, company proprietary information and retains outer geometry for space claim or lightweight representation of a model.


Propelling the smart tool-cutting industry to a sharper level

Thanks to science and smart engineering, VoluMill has revolutionised the way tools cut their way through material, using high-speed continuous tangent motion rather than sharp, interrupted movements. Users attest to VoluMill’s ability to double machine output because of its speed and extend tool life due to its excellent heat evacuation system, thus creating a much more productive competitive manufacturing enterprise in the global marketplace.

Only the best intelligent features found in the market
VoluMill performs all of the complex calculations required to determine the best cutting strategy for any part. With no need to identify individual part features, VoluMill automatically selects the best possible strategy for the job. As the only such product available today that offers either side milling or a combination of side and slot milling, VoluMill can also reduce cycle times with no additional intervention from the user. It also is able to automatically reduce the feed rate as it only brings the material to the target feed rate when appropriate. This reduces tool shock and extends the life of your cutting-tools.


The most advanced electrical and fluid planning software environment for you

The E3.series is a true concurrent electrical engineering environment supporting advanced requirements for electrical documentation, cabinet and wire harness design and manufacturing outputs. It facilitates an efficient and accurate design and manufacturing process for electrical and fluid planning, cable planning, and wire harness and cabinet layout.

Its integrated and consistent design approaches help eliminate errors, improve quality and reduce design time thanks to its object-oriented architecture. This is strengthened by its efficient object-orientation feature that boosts productivity with powerful automated operations and electrical checks. Additionally, the E3 series generates excellent control releases , revisions and configurations with an integrated data management environment.


State-of-the-art CAD Viewer for your every needs

Actify SpinFire Ultimate is a revolutionary CAD Viewer with multi-CAD support for 3D and 2D viewing, measuring, mark-up and other investigative functions for your organization’s needs, regardless of its size.
The new and improved operational speed allows for the capturing of user views to effectively collaborate with your team in exchanging feedback and changing requests. With C2. view and investigative capabilities of the CAD Models, users can gain insight into product data with Product Manufacturing information (PMI), smart dimensioning, tube length, 2D stamps, notes & annotations functionalities.
Operate at a lower cost with low-training required to run SpinFire Ultimate. The platform is able to support all known CAD file formats, boosting its cost-effectiveness. Finally, its enhancements provides intuitive user experience with improved user adoption with enhanced capability to support large files and effective memory management. Its support of fully shattered assemblies also appeals to a higher user uptake.


Unmatched 3D Simulation Software in the Industry

Moldex3D’s world-class analysis technology helps you carry out in-depth simulation of the widest range of injection molding processes to optimize product design and manufacturability of your products. Its high compatibility and adaptability provides users instant connection to mainstream CAD systems, generating a flexible simulation-driven design platform.

Providing true 3D simulation and visualization technology means saving countless trial-and-errors, time, energy and ultimately money. Moldex3D shortens the time to market and maximises revenue and ROI, increasing margin rates with minimised cycle time and manufacturing cost. On top of that, the single-platform integration not only provides high quality render performance and a variety of pre-post tools, it also generates customised reports, making it convenient for results inspection and comparisons to be carried out.

Easily issue diagnosis for your product when you predict the most common of manufacturing problems such as weld line, short shot, flow imbalance, air trap or hesitation. Interoperability will be the least of your worries with Moldex3D as it is Integrated with PTC® Creo®, NX, and SOLIDWORKS®. The synchronized design changes with simulations effectively optimize the product designs, enabling CAD users to quickly validate part designs directly, boosting efficiency.

ZG 3D Scanner

Simplest 3D Scanner Verified by Professionals

A new multi-functional 3D scanner, this product is developed with advanced technology for repeatable, accurate measurements with flexibility, process reliability, and detailed resolution at high speed. The ZG 3D Scanner is lightweight, easy to carry, easy to operate, multi-function scanning to meet different requirements. This product has been improved to meet the needs of professionals in terms of design, manufacturing, and quality in the most effective and reliable way to acquire accurate 3D measurements of physical objects anywhere.


A Star CNC Simulator that Transforms your Productivity Levels

NCSIMUL is an all-in-one CNC software that manages the complete machining process from the NC program to the part machined. Its capabilities include automatic G-code reprogramming, G-code simulation and cutting tool management, allowing users to fully master the shop floor. Compared to manual machining, the CNC software can be completely transformative to your productivity, visual quality and accuracy and, with NCSIMUL, it has never been this flexible, fast, reliable, and efficient. The DNC program management, real-time machine monitoring and technical content publishing are added benefits that complete the platform and enhance production.


Integrated Software License Management
Tools for Engineering Applications

TeamEDA is a specialist at comparing customers’ contractual entitlements against their utilization in order to assess gaps and surpluses in licensing, as well as offering best practices to optimize their position in order to avoid unnecessary costs.

Wherever a customer is on their journey to License Asset Management maturity, LAMUM offers a full suite of tools to deliver complete analysis and discover savings.