Integrated Software License Management
Tools for Engineering Applications


Are you spending too much on engineering software licenses?

Are license denials impacting engineering design and simulation and causing late product launches?

Is engineering software license management considered in your IT Optimization model?

Are you looking to consolidate your engineering software license information and utilization monitoring under one license management tool providing best practices?

How long does it take you to calculate license chargebacks for departments?

Is your team getting License Denials on CAD/CAE/EDA software? Would you like a system to better manage contract negotiations for expensive engineering software?

TeamEDA is a specialist at comparing customers’ contractual entitlements against their utilization in order to assess gaps and surpluses in licensing, as well as offering best practices to optimize their position in order to avoid unnecessary costs.

With our proprietary software, we combine both License Asset  Management and Usage Monitoring into one integrated suite of  services. LAMUMis a best-in-class software tool that no  manager’s toolkit is complete without. We take pride in our  ability to take the guesswork and overpaying out of vendor  software purchases, management, usage, and negotiations by  allowing our users to:


  • Consolidate ALL your software asset information to determine  actual licensing needs.
  • Manage engineering software applications. users, and overall  inventories more efficiently.
  • Allowing the administration and managers to monitor real-time  and historical application usage.

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A Few Examples of The Reports Available

Current Overview Gas Gauges
Monitor usage almost in real-time to monitor: Tag Name (Port@Host), Capacity, users who have a license checked out, time a license has been checked, total time in use, revoke an over-checked out license and reminders.

License Concurrency Graph
View a summary of each license type used to determine that the correct number of licenses are being maintained. By monitoring the concurrency usage of each license, you can ensure that you are maintaining a correct number of licenses for multiple time periods. Custom date ranges are available.

Usage Activity Graph
See trends for your department & assets – current capacity and peak usages, licenses in use, average usage and what days of the week your usage is peaking allowing you to restructure if needed.

Checkout Activity Heatmap
This heatmap shows the daily usage of all the activity throughout the day. The neatly organized (and vibrant) information puts into perspective the way assets are being used.

Top 7 Benefits

With LAMUM™, engineering can regain control of engineering software asset spend.

Save money of engineering IT spend – up to 25% on CAD/CAE/EDA software

Individual license servers per engineering group can be consolidated and centralized

Increase engineering productivity

Engineering IT optimized

Holistic view of their engineering software assets (trend analysis and contract renewals)

Shared engineering services provided to eliminate overlap and shadow operations

Idle licenses can be pooled or eliminated

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